Online Dating Sucks

This is the common “about me” section of this site, but rather than talking about me, I’ll talk about why I put this site together.

Dating stats with a sex chat

Online dating stinks. Sure, we all want to find love and romance and at one point or another in our life, we’ve probably all had a profile on a dating site, (sometimes more than one), hoping to find that elusive companion we can share our life with.

If you have ever been on a dating site, you know that there are (at least) three types of daters:

  • People who are looking for sex only
  • People who only want romance
  • And those of us who want both

As a woman, let me tell you something that you probably already know, but I’ll say it anyway.  Women receive lots of messages from men on a daily basis, sometimes so many that the majority of these messages go unread.  The reason for this is that a large majority of you guys are looking for nothing more than a “friendship with benefits” type of relationship and whilst we love those kinds of benefits, the majority of the ladies out there are looking for a bit more.

Hence the weeding out, the necessity to develop specialized antennas that can detect quickly those of you who want nothing else than a quick hookup.

Now, let me be clear about this, lots of women want exactly that, but an online dating site is so much work that we just get discouraged and elect to not even read the majority of messages from men who might be potential partners.

So having gone through the many frustrations of online dating, I joined a  sex chat line where members can leave voice personals, private recorded messages which other members can listen to.  If a person likes what he/she hears, then a contact can be established and the two of them can begin to chat with one another, a process by which they can discover a lot about each other.  And then they can decide to meet in person.

A woman who leaves a recorded message on a sex chat line wants an adult relationship which most of the times includes intimacy and sex. And when you call my sex chat line, you can hear the woman’s words in her own voice, a much more personal and intimate way to form an instinctive reaction to the possibility of chemistry that the human voice can convey.

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